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Instant boner when he starts to eat out her naval. Although she is supposed to live in the 1920s, her hair, clothes, behaviors are strictly from the 1980s. Was this review helpful? (The scene is actually much funnier in context (unintentionally funny, that is but I don't want to spoil the movie's only entertaining moment.). 20 out of 29 found this helpful. Well, the mpaa was right - it should have been rated. What makes it worth all 10 stars, for me, is not Bo Derek, lovely as she may be, but the wonderful Olivia d'Abo. Later in the movie, during a fantasy sequence, Bo sees a neon sign that reads, "Extasy." She says, "See? The camera even resorts to objectification a few times, showing people only from the neck to the hips-reducing people to body parts because the filmmakers want you to focus only on the sex and to forget about. Not exactly what the audience was expecting after all this build. Permalink Yes, It WAS that bad. What I find amazing about this film are two things. Permalink, what a body!.er that's it augustian, if you're looking for a well-scripted plot, believable characters, firm direction and seamless editing then Bolero is a strange film to see.

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Permalink A very stupid movie. Everyday occurrences in an everyday existence. And as for d'Abo's, you really have to see it to believe it-it's that bad! Bo is in search of ecstasy-"E-X-T-A-S-Y as her character says early in the story. Bo produced this passionately sexy film and her husband John Derek's direction is erotically beautiful. And the scene where the sheik licks the honey from Ayre's breasts and stomach; stunning. The problem is that the movie is so bad that you can't even lust after her. I recently purchased the DVD and the anamorphic picture looks great. Bo plays Ayre McGillvary, a virginal (!) heiress who graduates from her elite ladies' school in 1920s Britain; whether she is graduating from high school or college, it is never made clear. 'Bolero' is a weird film to see. And parts of the sound track are very easy on the ears.". The lovely Derek parades her assets for all to see (her husband, John Derek was the director) and very little will be left to you imagination.

fantasize about you again. You just end up feeling sorry for her, wishing she would stop embarrassing herself. Surely if you watch a movie produced by Golan and Globus (and Bo Derek! Derek undulates amazingly, I did notice that there was perhaps three seconds of foreplay! Sure, John Derek didn't make a great picture and Bo's acting leaves much to be desired. When compared with the made for TV and video "erotic" movies of today, Bolero is a masterpiece! However, I suspect that just about everyone, myself included, who sees this film only sees it for one thing - The Body, and it does not disappoint. For example, the scene in the Casbah, when "Ayre the character portrayed by Derek, is standing by the piano and listening to the famous tune from "Casablanca a movie considered by many to be one of the greatest movie masterpieces of all time. ...

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Horny guys that are a fan of Bo Derek must rent, if you made the mistake of renting it to watch with your friends and family, make sure you feel comfortable having erections in front of them 6 out of 11 found this helpful. There are very few sex scenes in this one, (or more appropriately: love scenes). Like Tanya Roberts' "Sheena if "Bolero" had been a little worse than it is, it could have become a camp classic. Of course the controversy over the explicit sex scenes and the movie being released with an unofficial X rating, attracted a somewhat inappropriate audience. Not every film has to have a believable plot, well-written dialogue and perfect acting, etc. There was no story to follow and no acting to see. When people really love or really hate a movie, you at least know that the movie has enough substance to evoke such strong responses.

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Later a Spanish Matador becomes the object of Derek's affection. Pisces-6 It's been a while since I saw this movie. Permalink Bo Derek naked! 6 out of 10 found this helpful. You'd think any guy making a film for his wife would be kind enough to write a storyline. I mean, she is supposed to play a 18 year old I guess, but she looks about 30! Permalink Bo is me paul_johnr 21 September 2005 Hollywood hasn't been an exceptionally kind place for Bo Derek. Either way, it stinks. More than half the people in the theatre walked out.